In Memory

Nancy Altman

  1. Nancy was born March 21, 1946, and died June 18, 2002.

    Much information is available on line. Here are two examples, one from a "People" magazine article, the other from a facebook fan appreciation page.,,20134898,00.html

    But first: If you remember our class trip to N.Y.C., to see "Camelot," then you might like to know that Nancy proposed the idea for the trip and organized it, according to a conversation with Frank D'Alonzo. Frank related how impressed he was with Nancy's ability at the young age, to do this.

    In addition to the People article and the facebook page, here is an obituary copied and pasted from a fan blog which claims to be from the July 9, 2002, issue of Soap Opera Weekly, pg. 6 (Please feel free to identify any incorrect information. Thanks, in advance, Myles)

    "Veteran soap actress Nancy Addison Altman died June 18 of cancer.  She was 54.

    "The New York native, who made her broadcast debut as "Guiding Light's" Kit Vested in 1970, always wanted to be an actress.  'When I was a kid, I was dying to act in high school plays, but I never could because I was afraid to audition,' Altman revealed in a 1971 interview.  'So instead, I used to come home from school, run upstairs, and lock myself in my room.  Then I'd act out all the parts in front of my bedroom mirror.  My desire for acting was like a balloon that kept filling and filling.  Then finally the balloon burst.'

    "Altman eventually enrolled in New York's Stella Adler Studio of Acting.  Soon after graduating, she toured in a production of "The Impossible Years" and performed in dinner theater presentations of "Barefoot in the Park" and "Generation."

    "Altman fondly recalled the day she landed her role on GL, while she was married to actor Don "Bo" Altman (the marriage ended in divorce).  "My agent called me with the news, and I'm sure she thought I had gone bananas.  Bo ran out of the kitchen, and when I told him I had the part, we began to jump up and down in a circle.  I couldn't believe it.  I was floating on a cloud for a week."

    "Altman continued to make her mark on soaps after leaving GL in 1975, most memorably as "Ryan's Hope"'s Jillian Coleridge Ryan (1975-88).  She also played "All My Children"'s Marissa Rampal (1989) and "Loving/The City's" Deborah Brewster Alden (1993-5).

    "Ron Hale (Mike, General Hospital), who worked with Altman on RH (he was Roger Coleridge) says, "Losing Nancy is like losing part of my soul.  She was more than a friend, and for 27 years she was my sister."

    "Altman is survived by her husband, Daniel Goldfarb."