In Memory

Paul Levy

Paul was born December 26, 1945, and died September 4, 1965. He is buried in Beth David Cemetery in Galveston, Texas.

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Ron Lipton

Paul was a sweet dear friend to me.  One of the most unusual memories I have of him, and this is right before I first met Muhammad Ali, then Cassius Clay who was just starting out in his pro career is when Paul came to visit me at my then home of 2 Dockery Drive in West Orange.

I loved boxing and he did too.  I had two pair of tiny 6 oz boxing gloves and we went down stairs in my basement where we used to hold birthday parties when we were all in grammar school.  We boxed and he had a lot of heart. We really went at it and I caught him a lucky left hook and he went out cold.  I could not get him up and I was in a state of panic.  I thought my father would kill me if he caught us.

I got some water from the bathroom and splashed it on him, and the first thing he did as he started to wake up was smile at me while still on his back. The first thing he said was, "What a beautiful shot."  We both busted up laughing and that of course was the last time we boxed.

He loved this fighter named Cassius Clay who was in the boxing magazines I always bought and read cover to cover.  He kept telling me and I swear to God this is the truth, that Cassius would become the greatest fighter in the world.

I laughed at that because Cassius at that time was a dancing boxer who did not seem like he could punch.

Paul was adament about this and he had the foresight to be right where I did not see it at the time.  As the years went bye and I ment Ali and trained and lived with him in Deer Lake P.A., worked on projects together and traveled with him I told him all about Paul and how he called it right from the very beginning.  Ali loved that story and said he had wished he could have met Paul who saw his potential from the very start.

I always hoped and prayed that Paul knew I told Ali all about him.  Paul would have loved that, I hope he knows.










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