In Memory

Hilton Stein

Hilton Stein   05/05/1946 - 2016

Hilton's daughter wrote this text message which was ultimately forwarded to David Charnack.

"2016 sadly took one of the most selfless, beautiful, loving souls, my dad. He is finally at peace with his family watching over him, together as he always wanted. No funeral, no wake...his request was for people to celebrate his life, have a cup of coffee, and to be remembered as a man who lived for his family, loved life, and always stared his fate straight into its eyes. We all gained a very special angel to watch out for us up above."


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02/01/17 11:00 AM #3    

Jeffrey Wagner

HIlton and I spent many days together at my cousin's house near West Orange HS...he was funny, bright and made us all better people.  He will be missed.

02/01/17 11:48 AM #4    

Ron Farber

Very sorry to hear of Hilton's passing.  One of our great 'character' classmates.  Was quite friendly with him from 8th grade onward.  Yes, Eric, he was, indeed a master conniver  -- even at an early age.  And such a likable hustler.  Many of us knew he would wind up a lawyer.  And the fact that he became the 'anti-lawyer' lawyer came as little surprise to those of us who knew him.  Last I saw him (as I'm sure some of you did) was on television in the '80's or '90's on Morton Downey's show as his 'lawyer in residence.'  Interesting that his participation was not included as part of the bio pic on Mort a few years ago.  I can recall so many great & insane times with HIlton.  Such a part those teenage years.  He lived on Lakeview next to Marc Gersh and across from Victor Schragen and Robin Alter.  Talk about proximity from peers!  Can still picture his face as he would find humor in many people and things and 'charm' you to laugh and share the joke with him.  Unbelievable  --  he'd point out how hysterical and colorful Schragen's family was  --  the father parking his large truck in their driveway  -- so big it extended over ten feet into the street.  Their untrained dog which would pee every time you'd pet it and Victor following it with paper towel mopping up.  He'd say:  "let's go across the street and pet his dog!"   Endless!   When Hilton's dad had a real swimming pool built in their back yard (no one else we knew had one then), we really rocked that summer.   Hilton would find cute girls to come over and try (in vain) to get them out of their swim suits.  What energy.  What a trickster!  Throughout it all, we shared that great love of rock 'n roll music.  Always asking each other..."did you hear that new song by..."   And in 1964, he had one of the very first Ford Mustangs!   Hope that his later life gave him joy.  Good guy.  Will continue to think well of him.





02/01/17 04:43 PM #5    

Mara Goldstein (Reuben)

What I remember about Hilton is his great smile, infectious laugh and dancing the night away at his Bar Mitzvah. He was fun, the best at a party - especially at Robin's house  - and a terrific jokester.




02/01/17 05:27 PM #6    

Irwin Hammer

I met Hilton in the summer of 1962 in Bradley Beach.  My family had just moved to WO

And I knew no one but a number of guys including Hilton were from WO on BRinley Ave 

Beach  He and I hit it off immediately.  Once in school he introduced me to much of the class.

In May of 1963 Hilton got his 1960 baby blue Ford convertible and we spent many a day and night 

Cruising WO Hillside,and down the shore.  I could go on about the girls,alcohol,etc but lets just say 

We didn't miss to much.  I spoke with Hilton about a year and a half ago.  He was very content and accepting 

Of his life with all of its ups and downs 

Hilton...Rest in Peace 

Irwin Hammer


02/02/17 03:50 AM #7    

Franklin Bell

I only lived a few houses from Hilton and spent many times at his home.  A fun loving and great all around guy.

Rest in Peace and my thoughts and prayers for your family.



02/02/17 09:19 AM #8    

Jay Kaplan

I remember when Hilton moved to Pleasantdale - He moved to a street that had been known as Victory Road populated by barracks provided to veterans after WW2. They razed the barracks in the mid 50's, changed the name of the street, and in moved Hilton and his family. At that time there were so many kids having Bar Mitzvahs that Hilton had to share his day with somebody whose last name was Ein (or first name was Ian, i forget). The rabbi made a joke that the Bar Mitzvah boys were 'EinStein'. Oh well, it was a rabbi joke. Oddly enough I do not remember anything else about Hilton's big day. 

02/02/17 03:09 PM #9    

Marlene Cooper (Grad)

Hilton  was a fun great guy to be with.  I remember we were always teasing each other all throughout school. . I sat next to Him  at his bar mitzvah (so I know he had a crush on me I must of liked him too)the party was a blast.  He always had that devilish smirk and I always enjoyed his company. About 10 years ago I bumped into him on the long branch boardwalk. He looked exactly the same.  He was going thru some bad times legally  and was trying to straighten his legal matters out.  How  i wished I had gotten his contact information as I always wondered if everything turned out alright for him     Hilton you will be missed by me and your classmates     I will always remember you and your smile  marlene cooper grad


02/03/17 11:13 AM #10    

Merrill De Witt

Every time I think of Hilton I see his face with that sly smile.

02/04/17 11:20 AM #11    

Steve Lipton

My first co-ed "pool party" was at Hilton's. Very exciting, as I recall. Anyone else recall that evening? He was always ready for laughs!

04/08/17 10:01 PM #12    

Bernie Wishnia

I spoke to Hilton about 15 years ago with a possible legal malpractice referral.  Very few lawyers are willing to do legal malpractice work, and Hilton became a leader in the filed.

In the mid-1980's Hiton was having drug or alcohol problems,which led to his suspension by the NJ Supreme Court (presumably for ignoring clients). After he came back from the suspension, he made it his lifes work to go after other lawyers who ignored their clients or otherwise committed malpractice.

He was really happy and excited to hear from me.  I started to describe things that happened back in school, which he just did not remember.   That is why he was so glad to have someone fill in some memories. 

One example was a 7th (or 8th?) grade play   He was Hilt N. Stein (as in Frankenstein) and I was a penguin named Chilly Willie.

After that I spoke to him a few more times, but probably not in the last 5 or 6 years.

Sadly, he seems to have had a relapse.


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